Napi is available

Native macOS application for downloading subtitles

When I was starting my Swift journey I thought the best way to learn a new language is to do a real project instead of writing dummy Playground code.

I came up with an idea to write macOS application to download subtitles for videos. I always wanted a native application such as this, so it was a perfect project for me to start with. As far as I know, there was no a native macOS application for this.

And guess what? Now there is! It’s called Napi.

I didn’t have much time after work, but I tried my best. After few months I finally released version 1.0.0. I’m really proud of this. I was able to finish “not-so-small” project and keep really good quality of a codebase (at least I think so). The whole project is available on GitHub.

I’m going to write few posts about features of Swift I used and what I was struggling the most with. This is just an initial post to let you know what is coming.

Once again - Napi is finally available. Enjoy and stay tuned!